Unable to View Processes in UiPath Assistant

Hi All,

Previously I am able to view the processes that, I have published from Studio to Orchestrator in UiPath assistant.

But to day I am unable to view any processes even they are available in Orchestrator Default page processes.

UiPath Assistant is Connected and licensed
The processes are available in Default page too

Can someone please help me to understand the issue, why the processes has been removed.

Thank you so much for your kind help in advance


have you made any changes in orchestrator process

Hi Manish,

Nope did not do any changes in orchestrator process.

Both UiPath assistant and UiPath Studio are connected to the same given email ID. Connected and Licensed


Please check in orchestrator that process is showing or not in automation’s section in my workspace folder or your folder

While I am running the Job from Orchestrator the Robot is running in the respective machine and showing the process the it is running in UiPath Assistant but after process is completed, there are no processes to view.

you mean to say without process in assistant its executing the process?

Nope not without processes.

I hope UiPath Assistant will show the processes that are published to orchestrator right?

We can manually run, pause or stop the Jobs from UiPath Assistant.

And also we can run the Jobs from Orchestrator if the process is published from Studio.

But the doubt is if the robot is connected and licensed I am unable to view the process that are already published to orchestrator in UiPath Assistant.

If the process is published from the studio to the orchestrator

just go to the tenant folder and add the published process to the particular folder
after adding process into the folder it will be appear into the assistant as well

your process is showing here or not?

Yes Manish

Not showing anything in UiPath Assistant

could you make sure that your robot is added to the right environment

Hi @Vardhan,

Do you have modern and classic both types of folders in there?


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47

Yes, Sonali in Orchestrator there are both types of folders available.

By the way, the issue has been resolved by connecting the UiPath Assistance with Machine Key.

Thank you.

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