REFramework: Execution not stopping when an error has occured

I have implemented a RE framework and trying to do exception handling.For trail, I have handled only(System.exception).

In the Catch block of Process transaction set transaction status for exception is “Systemerror=exception”(No business rul exception).
Also it is mentioned that Destion for error—>init, Rule exception–>Get transaction data.

When I have a system.exception in my workflow, it should abort the workflow entirely(given retry=0). Instead, the workflow is continuing to other transaction data sets.

Also, observed that its behaving weirdly. Application is getting closed eventhough there are no close application activities provided.


Have you used any Kill Process activity in the process ?

Hi Ramesh

The retry count is per transaction so if transaction 1 throws a system exception, the process will return to init, close all applications, reopen them and move on to transaction 2.

If you look at the top level of the REF you can see where the exceptions go from following the flow arrows

No…My Kill process.xaml file is empty


What i mentioned above is the same.

There are two flows in “process transaction” state.

  1. When error occurs(goes to init when maxretry>0…aborts the flow when maxretry=0)
  2. When BusinessRuleexception occurs.(goes to Get transactiondata state)

I have set the Retry count to 0 in config file.

I am expecting the first flow because I haven’t declared any business rule exceptions. But, the second flow is what happening.along with this second flow it is behaving weirdly by closing the application without any close activity used in the entire framework.

Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.