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What is the next flow if system exception occurs in reframework. Could you please explain with the detailed flow after system exception.

Taking example as Maxretry number=2 and Maxretrysystemexception=3.

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  1. It goes to system exception sequence in set transaction status.xaml
  2. It would set transaction to exception and take a screenhshot
  3. After that generally it will close/kill all processes
  4. It calls retrytransaction.xaml where it checks if max retry is reached or not…if reached it would increment transaction number if not it would not…if queue based then one more trasanction gets added automatically and no change to transactionnumber increments and all
  5. It goes to intialize and reopen the application

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@Anil_G ,

whether the Failed transaction item will retry after immediately or at the end of all the transactions??
For example: there are 10 transactions 5 got succeeded, 6th item get failed due to system exception, now whether the failed 6th item will retry immediately or it will process after all remaining items get completed i.e 7,8,9 ,10th items.



If using queue and no priority is set to queue item it will process at the end

If not using queue then it retries immediately


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Hi @Anil_G ,

Thanks for the good explanation.

What would be the state of transaction items in orchestrator?

Taking example as Max retry in queue=2

What would be the flow of state?
Will it mark as retired or failed ?

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It will be marked as retried and a new item will be added


Hi @Anil_G,

Let’s take 10 transaction.
Max Queue retry = 2

System exception occurs at 1st transaction
In progress item- 9
Retired - 1
New item - in progress?

Will it go for next item or it will retry upto 2?

Please help me on this

Thanks in advance!!



because retry is 2…after first system exception there will still be 10 items and 1 more with retried status

and the new item will be added after the 9 items and not immediately…so it will move to next item and not retry the same item immediately


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