How to pass a variable from one xaml to another xaml

Hi all,

How do I pass one variable from one xaml1 to another xaml2

I have tried exploring the invoke workflow in my xaml2 but I just want to get the variables from xaml1 and use it in xaml2. Without running the xaml1 in my xaml2

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hi @Guest0203,

If you have to pass values from .xmal1 to .xmal2 and as per my understanding from above question. xmal2 is parent xmal.

create out_aurgument in xmal1 and assign the value which you require, then use invoke workflow file in xmal2 to invoke xmal1. and store its out argument value in a variable

Thank You,
Shubham Pratap

Hi Shubham Pratap,

However, in my xmal2, i do not wish to run xmal1. I only want the variables from xmal1.

Invoking the workflow file in xmal2 will run xmal1 as well which i do not want

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Hi @Guest0203,

Then you can store the value in variable coming out of xmal1 , and then pass it as in argument while invoking xmal2

Thank You
Shubham Pratap


you could go through following link to understand it better,,pass%20data%20to%20other%20workflows.