Invoke activity problem

Hello Team,

i have created a flow with 3 .Xaml files ,
Using invoke activity passed variable to the second .xaml and its working fine,
But i want to use the Variables from the 1st .Xaml file to 3rd .xaml file .

its showing error as 2nd xmal file is not using the the variable passed form the 1st xaml file
But I need that varibale in 3 rd xaml file

kindly help

Make sure the in, out, and in/out for the argument is correct in each of the 3 workflows (or 2 workflows, if workflow1 has it as a variable).

Does workflow2 invoke workflow3, or is workflow3 being invoked from workflow1?

Does workflow2 modify the variable in any way? If so, the argument should be in/out.

If you upload the project as a zip I can take a quick look to help pinpoint what’s happening

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Hello Dave ,

I have updated the given image , hope you will get a better clarity on this now.

I want to use the variable from the first Xaml file in the 3rd Xaml file (which is invoked form the 2 nd xaml file).
The variable is not using in the second xaml file.

its showing error as 2nd xmal file is not using the the variable passed from the 1st xaml file.

Based on the updated picture, it is working as follows:

1). Start 1st.xaml
2). Invoke 2.xaml
3). Invoke 3.xaml
4). Finish with 3.xaml and return to 2.xaml
5). Edit arguments in 2.xaml
6). Finish 2.xaml and return to 1st.xaml
7). Edit arguments in 1st.xaml
8). Process completed

You should change it as follows (based on my understanding of what you want):

1). Start 1st.xaml
2). Edit Arguments used in 3rd.xaml
3). Invoke 2.xaml and pass all arguments (including those used in 3.xaml)
4). Invoke 3.xaml and pass arguments for 3.xaml
5). Completed 3.xaml and return to 2.xaml
6). Edit arguments in 2.xaml
7). Finish 2.xaml and return to 1st.xaml
8). Process completed

If this doesn’t make sense let me know. Also, if you upload a .zip of the project I can help fix it. Otherwise, if you still need clarification I can create a sample of what I’m talking about and upload it for you instead