How to cal one xaml file from another xaml


I need to cal sequence2 (xaml file) from sequence1 and i achieved it using “invoke workflow file” activity but i could not find the variables which i declared in sequence2. i need to use the variables from sequence2 in my sequence1 is there any way to do that. Please help me.


Once you use Invoke Workflow, the variable will convert to arguments

Because Variable work with the workflow only, Arguments will work from one flow to another flow

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Thanks for the reply.

I have imported the arguments too but still i could not use the argument or find it.


Can you share the import arguments screen and also inside the workflow arguments screens


I have shared the screenshot. here i want to use the va1,var2 and var3 in the sequence2 workflow. is there any way to do it.


Please declare variables in sequence 2 as arguments. On invoking workflow file you can import argument values from sequence 2 to sequence 1.