How to use one variable from one xaml file to another different xaml file

Hi guys,

I want to use one variable or argument from one xaml file Say(ABC.xaml) to anaother different xaml file in same location(XYZ.xaml).
I know invoke workflow method but it was invoking that workflow sequences which executing agan i want only that not the execution of sequence again.

Help me to solve this…


Hi @Sriram07 ,

In case of a variable you can change its scope to serve a greater part of your workflow as a whole , i.e you can define it at a parent level from where both xaml’s can access it. I’m not sure if you can directly use the argument in such a scenario but you assign the arguments value to a variable and use it in the 2nd xaml provided variables scope is defined for both workflows.


Hi @Sriram07,
You could for example extract this one variable from xaml in form of an excel sheet where column A would be variable name and column B would be the value. Then in another xaml file import it and work. Similar way like in REFramework assignments from LVL3 training where the Data.xlsx sheet was keeping the variables and values :slight_smile: