How to use Variables in another xmal file?

The variable I created is only working in the main xmal, unable to use them on another xmal file.

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You can pass the Argument into another XAML file

Check out this video link and thread

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You can only use it if you’ve invoked that XAML into Main.

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Variables are supposed to be used within a workflow. To use them outside a workflow, you will have to use the alternative which is called “argument”. First, you will have to create them from where you want to pull data and later pull them into the main workflow using the “invoke” activity.

This is what it looks like:


Explore the “in” & “out” feature of argument and “invoke file” for detailed understanding.

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Create an argument type ‘in’ on the xaml file where the variable will go, when you invoke the xaml on the import arguments button give the argument the value of the variable

Thankks this worked

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