How to keep excel open

I am completely new to UiPath, and I have started my first automation project in StudioX.
I want to display four Excel files side by side on the Window screen.
I can open the files, but when I run the workflow, the files automatically close after opening.
Please tell me how to keep them open.

Hi @adkktm202010M

Please try using Start process activity and give the excel name in it

Thank you! I’ll give it a try!


I can’t find “Start process” in the StdioX activity.

Okay, May I know the reason for keeping the excel open? Because the changes you have given in the code would be reflected and saved in the excel.

Hi @adkktm202010M

This is a workaround,

Use send hotkey activity and pass win+r it will open a run command

And once that opened type the excel file path using type into activity and click ok ,it will open the excel file.


Oh! It looks good. I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

I want to display several specific Excel files in a row on my Windows screen. That is the goal.

When a customer calls me, I need to review those data in 3 seconds, modify the content, and do the search manually.

When a call comes in, I want the robot to automatically open multiple Excel files on the screen and wait for me when I start it.

That’s why.

Your kindness is appreciated. Thanks for thinking of me.

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