Excel multiple workbooks open at the same time


I have 4 excel files to open during the robot flow:

  • First three contain data and need to be updated with add-on.
  • The last file is a report file that has formulas connected to first three files.

To create the report, all 4 files need to be open at the same time. That is the cruicial part (to have all files open at the same time), otherwise excel formulas don’t work.

Please suggest best metod to do it.

I already tried:

  • EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE (it closes each file after activities are done)
  • START PROCESS (shows error when opening second excel file - “Start process: Application could not be opened”).

Thanks in advance.

BR, Bojan

Try Open Application instead of Start Process. It allows you to pass arguments where you should be able to pass filename. Although, I can’t be sure because I’ve never used it in this way.

Here is a reliable albeit unconventional way to do this.

Excel shortcut CTRL + F12 opens an “Open File” dialog.
Use START PROCESS or Open Application to open the first file.
Then, use this to open the remaining three files by typing the absolute path in the File name textfield.

(Another tip: F12 = Save File if you need that, just in case.)
The more recent Office versions such as 2013 or 2016 have a complicated Save or Open screen (SharePoint and OneDrive integration, etc)
The F12 options are still the good old pop-up boxes. Use them to make life easy :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I forgot CTRL + F12 option. It works now by opening next excel files from the first excel.

I also used Get Active Window activity just to be sure to deal with the right excel when multiple excels are open.


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Perfect. You may also use Attach Window in combination with filename-specific selector so that after using Get Active Window, the bot will still make sure to stay and work on that window even if something pops up in front of the active window :slight_smile:

Glad to be of help…
Happy automation!

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