How to Integrate UiPath with ServiceNow tool?


My usecase is, I want to pick up new incidents created in ServiceNow with some specific keyword in Description row, and trigger the UiPath workflow.

Please help me with this.


I worked with SNOW, you have option in SNOW to Filter data and than to export to CSV, and than search for it…

or you can search and always pick up the first one, after processing it will be closed, so next one will be at 1st position and I would also read number of ticket and compare it in error handling, if it happens that you have same ticket number more than once to send an email.

If there is anything you need ask.


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User must have REST API access for ServiceNow


Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression "“abcd@1234"”.
Value of type ‘String’ cannot be converted to ‘System.Security.SecureString’.

Anyone help to fix this issue?

Do we have any process to check whether I have API access for ServiceNow or not?

if abcd@1234 is your password, use the below expression in the password field

new NetworkCredential(String.Empty,"abcd@1234").SecurePassword

it converts string to securestring. But the recommended way is to get the credentials from Orchestrator asset or windows credential manager

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So i want export this networkcredential package from there?

try creating a dummy variable of type networkcredential in the workflow. uipath will automatically import the relevant packages.

Then you can use networkcredential in any place in your workflow

your servicenow administrator will help to identify the roles assigned to your id.

Fastest way, create a workflow with “Get Incident Data” activity. if you dont have REST access, you will get the below error


like this?

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I got this type of error

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Now use the password for servicenow as

new NetworkCredential(String.Empty,"abcd@1234").SecurePassword

validation error will be solved

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This issue fixed…thank you dineshary…now i want to bulk amount ticket creation…is there any possible way?..using excel sheet.

Yes… definitely. DH.ServiceNow.Activities package is the connector to integrate Servicenow data with UiPath.

For your case, you need to do the following combining the other UiPath activities

Step 1 - Read the excel sheet to a datatable
Step 2 - Use “for each row” activity to process each data row in the data table
Step 3 - Inside for each data row, use the “Create Incident” activity, fill the properties with the corresponding data row column values

Since “Create Incident” activity returns the new incident number, optionally you can also have a new column in the data table to hold new incident numbers and update them inside the “for each data row” activity after the “Create Incident” activity"

Sample workflow file for create, get and update

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Error main.xaml file

Are you using the latest version of DH.ServiceNow.Activities?


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OK dinesh…you have linkedin id…we can talk there?