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I am a newbie in UI path. Currently I am working for ServiceNow - UI Path integration.

  1. Can you please help me to list out all open tickets(incidence) from ServiceNow to a Excel file?
  2. I think a web service call is the best way to retrieve the Ticket information then how can do that? (Can you please suggest if you have better and easy way for this)

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Maadi Bangalore

you could use the Custom servicenow package from community gallery

User must have REST API access for ServiceNow. Please reach out to me for any questions/issues

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I want to extract from servicenow all incident…can you help someone?

Pls follow below tutorial on service now integration

Hello @dineshary,
when i want to log in to the servicenow i have the following error !
However, i can log in to the servicenow plateform with the same Credentials when i do not use the Service Now Connector Scope !
Please, can you help in this one ?

Hi @aghorbel

your workflow looks good. Only change is the ServiceNow base URL. Mention it in the below format

without “/”.


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Thx a lot @dineshary, it’s working :slight_smile:
Can i please check the GetAllIncidents.xaml in order to know how it works ?
This is my linked in account :
Thx A lot :slight_smile:

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Sure… sent you a connection request

Documentation is also available in the below path