ServiceNow Activities for UiPath

  1. Get an Incident
  2. Get all Incidents
  3. Update an Incident


Package: DH.ServiceNow.Activities
Author: @dineshary

How to Integrate UiPath with ServiceNow tool?
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How to Integrate UiPath with ServiceNow tool?
ServiceNow Integration

Latest package supports “create incident”


Updated to version

Issues fixed


Updated to version

Custom designers added for activities
New fields for create incident activity
Change in output argument types
Issues fixed


Screenshots are attached below for servicenow package

CreateIncident.PNG1366x736 79 KB

GetAllIncidents.PNG1366x736 70.9 KB

UpdateIncident.PNG1366x736 59.6 KB

GetIncidentData.PNG1366x736 65.5 KB

ServiceNow Integration
UiPath not able to detect Windows Alert Box

I have also a same doubt anyone give the solution for me?


Hi @ganesh_rajan

What is your doubt?


i want retrieve all incident to excel sheet


Please find below the screenshot to get all the incidents from servicenow. The output will be in JArray datatype. so you can use foreach activity to process each JSON object and then write the required fields from JSON to datatable.

Once you have the datatable, use write range excel activity to write the data to excel

Custom Activity documentation - https://github.com/dineshary/UiPath.ServiceNow/blob/master/README.md


Can you provide create incident,update incident,retrieve incident .xaml file?


Sample Workflow file

Main.xaml (16.3 KB)

How to Integrate UiPath with ServiceNow tool?