Service now and Uipath integration

Hello All,
I have implemented a Uipath workflow for “User creation” now I want to trigger Uipath workflow based on service Now ticket. In service Now ticket I want to provide Username, E-mail Id, User Full name as input to create User. After creating User I have to update the service Now ticket and send acknowledgement E-mail to User. I am new to service Now can anybody please help me. I tried Http request but not able to understand how to integrate ServiceNow with Uipath. Please help as soon as possible.



Got a link in youtube

I think it can help you


can any one help here, i am stuck up at the same point, i need to integrate UIPATH with SNOW,
i want the uipath work flow to be triggered when there is a ticket created in snow with a specific short description,

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User must have REST API access for ServiceNow

I am unable to perform Automation. can you help me, how to assign endpoint


Hi, I am not able to write the values into fields during SNOW ticket creation


Can anybody help to me?

Can you please attach work flow and will go through it and we can try to resolve your issue

Workflow means what?

Task file .xaml file ganesh

Main.xaml (13.0 KB)

Are you working on this?

No Ganesh, one of my friend is working on same …I will check with him and get back to you.

No worries…it’s fixed…may i know your linkedin id?

Oh great.

can you ping me there?

you cannot pass string “123” if the type of variable is secureString nor set a default value to it.
Use asset or use simple string type(not recommended- but if you are testing its fine)

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May i know exact error reason?

Condition is not set properly as per the expected syntax it has to be a Boolean expression (not simply ‘codestat’)

Writeline needs to have string i. e “success”/“Failed”