How to Install UiPath Orchestrator as community edition




Is there any way to install UiPath Orchestrator for learning purpose. I understand there is a community edition of UiPath Studio, but could not find UiPath Orchestrator. Please help


UiPath Orchestrator User Guide
How to publish and deploy UiPath Project on Production Server?

No, but you can use for testing.

The comunnity edition has uiRobot?

@Cosin, @rajivtuli2512
Sorry, Orchestrator has support and is only for enterprise customers (does not work with CE).
If you want to test someone from your company needs to get in touch with our sales team.


True. For Orchestrator learning purposes you can use the Trial version of UiPath Studio, which has no functional limitations, but it has a 2 months time limit.


Lovely. Thanks a lot. that’s worked. Don’t know why i did not click on the link in the orchestrator guide given :slight_smile:


I already installed studio but was wondering if i can get Orchestrator for learning purpose. seems to be the solution. Thanks for replying


wanted to understand if the file published in orchestrator gets store in database or in a file location


Hi Lawanya,

The ones in Packages page in Orchestrator are stored either in MyGet (if you have set it in Settings - Deployment). If not, they are stored on the Orchestrator machine or another machine (this path is configurable in the web.config file, it could be on another machine if you set it this way).

In the database appears only after deploying a Process.


thanks i got it clear that it is stores packages in physical location. if i understand it right Database will only store the reference to the path of the deployed package


Not the path, only Package name and version.