The comunnity edition has uiRobot?


i Can use ui robot and deploy uipath studio files to run independently to deploy in production in the community version? how?


Hello @luchovelez ,

If I have understood you correctly you ask for server integration . Community edition has no server integration.





i need unattended robot, is avaliable in the CE version?


If you complete the Foundation Training you will be directed to the Orchestrator Training which links your Robot/Studio to Orchestrator but it’s a community resource, not private. You can run Unattended Automations from there. It works great and lets you play around with the settings. My only issue is I only have 1 Windows PC (I had to buy it to complete this!) so I can’t run multiple bots etc across a network.

I wouldn’t use this for actual Automation projects. My understanding is you will need a licence for that as the CE only runs for 2 weeks and is meant for you to learn theplatform with a view to purchasing it for commercial use. You can extend the free licence but if your doing commercial projects on this it’s a web based service so I imagine it will become apparent and all your Published Bots are viewable to the wider community.

Good luck, I am a UiPath convert!!