How to configure UIPath orchastrator and web console in trial version?




Can you share documentation on how to configure orchestrator and web console to manage robots running in other machines?

I am using the evaluation version and doing the tool assessment


Hey @libin .
UiPath Orchestrator has support and is only for enterprise customers (does not work with CE),.

you want to test someone from your company needs to get in touch with UiPath sales team



UiPath Orchestrator configuration

Hi There,
I doubt whether you can connect to Orchestrator with UiPath Community Licence.


For Demo Or trial purpose their was “” but now it is for enterprise test only so you have to contact uipath sales team to get an access to as well.

and if you have licensed version then you can install orchestrator as well on your server and use it. A guide is available for enterprise users.



Hey @libin and for new users… Updated info Effective from 10 Aug,2017

A new beast is out :slight_smile: Orchestrator CE -
CE users will have their own free Orchestrator and two free/CE robots can be connected to it.



hi there,
i am new to UIPath and just started using Studio.
Could someone please clarify how to get UIPath Orchestrator CE and Robot CE? I could not find the answer. I think there are lots of changes with the CE edition .
It is unclear in the documentation!
thank you heaps!!


Orchestrator ce is cloud edition … you can use the link posted by @aksh1yadav above … connect your studio ce with orchestaror cloud