Orchestrator Installation requirements


I am an netbackup administrator i am learning RPA in uipath so I would like to know, does Uipath Orchestrator need license or it can be installed without any license. if so what are the requirements and steps to install it.

Hi @pradeep_gowda,

Hope this could help you:

The best way to start learning how to use UiPath Platform is to enroll in Academy courses:

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Hi Susana,

Thank you for you reply on this. i have completed the training and downloaded the community edition and installed in my local server but i’m are unable to open the orchestrator web application page and giving me the below error.

HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal server error

@pradeep_gowda - If you are using the community edition of Studio, then you will need to use the community edition of the Orchestrator at the below URL.


You will need to create a tenant (optional) and an account to use this.

I was fine using the Tenant I created at https://platform.uipath.com, however now I am routed to the cloud version of orchestrator, and when I click on the service (my old tenant) I get a error 500 and I cannot access my queues, etc. Can anyone direct me?

Update: Following this link and removing IPv6 allowed me to get into the Service on the first click, after logging into the cloud version of orchestrator.

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