Error in Throw activity in retry scope

I have made up a workflow with retry Scope which manually refreshes a page checks for the download links if they are present or not.

Workflow -
Test.xaml (14.5 KB)

I have already created a workflow as per UiPath docs still it throws an error on the Throw Activity and it doesn’t go to a retry and just stops. Can somebody tell me what Am I doing wrong here ?

HI @Ishan_Shelke

If your process need to go on to next step after throw activity it should be included in try catch if not in try catch for sure the process will stop

Try right click on throw activity and select surround with try catch and add a catch with the System.Exception


Hello @Ishan_Shelke ,

It seems that you have forgot to add the condition within your retry activity:

Please check the documentation:

Hope it helps!
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Thanks I guess I missed on that part. So silly of me.

Hi @Ishan_Shelke

Find this attachment:

Test.xaml (17.5 KB)

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