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Hello guys,

i have a popup in a web site and i have to click ok until it goes,

so can i use retry scope for that if yes how

@Gokul_Murali yes you can use but for that you need to use “Element exist activity”
Element Exist returns Bool value.
Then place if condition then give bool variable in condition.
In then block throw exception using throw activity

Place all things in retry.


MicrosoftTeams-image (32)

In action block of Retry Scope i used image exist activity and if condition,

what should i use in condition block of retry scope.

@Anil_G Anil_G
can you help me out on this

@Gokul_Murali in condition their is no need to put any condition just put that variable which you used in image exist activity


But assign activity will not support in condition block of a retry scope right ?

@Gokul_Murali no you can’t put assign activity its support on “Istrue / isfalse” activity. but its working on exception as well.


Please try using a while loop

With condition as check app state/element exists output

And check app state/element exists should be inside while loop and on then side use clicka ctivity and on else side use break

Dont forget to include max iteration value for safety so that it does not go into infinite loop


I resolved the issue.

I used check false in the condition if retry scope now its working fine

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