Downloading from Web popup use "Save As"


I am new to UIPath and need to solve this problem. I login to a web app and then I click on export to excel. Once the file is read to download a popup comes up with 3 option Open, Save, Close. On the save there is a dropdown and I need to use it to pick “Save As” so that I can specify the name and location for the file. How can this be accomplished.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


There are two easy ways to do this.

  1. Use Select Item activity and click on “Save As”
  2. Click on dropdown using a normal click activity, then use hotkeys to go down and press enter.


Hi @shanugoel,
Which browser you are using ?




click on Export to Excel
set focus on Save as, click on save as then Pop up will come
activate Pop up window
use Type into in file name box with extention( example.xlsx)
Click on Save