How to handle Calender date

Hello Guys,

I am facing issue to pick date from calender.
idx changing according t table row change.

Check the value of “idx” for any two different dates and make a dynamic selector for the same.
I guess that would work.

Hi @smita.mobifly

Based on dynamic you can use type into activity and set property as click before typing or use set web attribute activity For reference


there are idx=1 or idx=2, idex=4 for other date, already using dynamic selector. but this selector useful for pick the date from three table row


calendar box not editable, need to pick date from calendar table.

Can check it using * for idx also

Hi smita

When given this activity it LL populate the date in the text box based on the date you have given have a try


its not working

@smita.mobifly Have you refereed this post