Select dynamic date form calendar

How to click date dynamically from a calendar based on date provided in excel sheet?
Let’s say it could be 1 for one month and 13 for another month etc.

Attached is the screenshot of the calendar and selector.
Also, copied the selector.
webctrl parentid=‘CalGrid’ tag=‘TABLE’ />
<webctrl css-selector=‘body>table>tbody>tr>td>div>table>tbody>tr>td’ tableCol=‘3’ tableRow=‘4’ tag=‘TD’ /

How about injecting innertext or aaname variable into selector?

<webctrl innertext='" &varDate&"' tag='ID' />

Click below link and see what options you have

Checked with Ajax calender aaname seems to be working.

<webctrl aanme='13' id='ctl00_SampleContent_defaultCalendarExtender_day_*' />

Selecting name of date ( aaname = 13) makes the selector invalid. Attached screenshot for reference

HI @igul,

Can you provide us with the link of the site?


This is an internal website. So, you would not be able to access it.
However, the query is more specific to selecting the css selector element.

almost similar issue for me.
When i selected selector as below

webctrl aaname=‘“+dateval”’ parentid=‘cal’ tag=‘A’/

auomatically converting as below and no result
webctrl aaname=‘&quote;+dateval&quote;’ parentid=‘cal’ tag=‘A’/