How to select the dates dynamically in a calender


I want to select the new month and dates everytime from a calender. How can we automate this.

Below I shared the screenshots of the calender.


Whenever we click on the calender we get below drop down to select the dates.




have you tried by using type into activity

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You can do this using selector its simple check the selector and make it dynamic

Example selector I am giving below please check

<html app='chrome.exe' title=' | Official site | The best hotels, flights, car rentals &amp; accommodations' /> <webctrl tag='TABLE' /> <webctrl aria-label='17 October 2023' aria-role='checkbox' innertext='17' />

please do dynamic above selector like below.

Hi @Shiva_Nikhil ,

the Type Into is working but I need like Input Dialog box type because the user needs to enter the “From” and “To” dates. So will Dialog box work for selecting the From and To dates? can you explain How to achieve this.

@raju_alakuntla , Could you elaborate your requirement?


hi @raju_alakuntla

Can you try like this for only from date I have did you can add it for To date

I used the same activities but still its not typing the date.

I tried to clear the field manually also not working. I think I need to select from the calender itself.


try with “select item activity” in the
Item to select you can use the output variable of input dialog box

When I use “Select Item” in the date field, its giving this error