Calender Selection based on Excel Date


Someone asked for Calender Selection based on Excel Date. Please find the attached solution. This is just my idea, ther might be better ways.

This works for calender selection only 2017 months(you can write your own logic for rest) (10.1 KB)

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I am new to UiPath and any sort of programming in general, but I found your solution to a similar problem that I’m having and was wondering if you be of any further assistance?

I have looked at your solution but cannot seem to work out how to make the date go forward. Any help on this would be massively appreciated!




I don’t exactly remember, but the code works in IE and I coded it only for 2017 months. What do you mean by Go forward? 2018 dates?


This should work for 2017-2018 for that specific calendar control (works in IE for me). You can implement that logic for your own calendar control.

Calender.xaml (37.5 KB)