Help Selecting date from calendar

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I am trying to select the date from the below calendar format but the date i need to select should be todays date minus 2.
So based on todays date, it should select 02/11/19.
Having slight issues as some days appear twice so cannot distinguish between the two dates

Also there is no option to type in date, so can only select from calender


Any help in this will be greatly appreciated

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i would like to know this alone
kindly use a click activity and choose the date 01 of this month in this image
and use another click activity and choose the date 01 of next month (in a dull color) in this image

we can compare the selector of those two click activities and so that we can find the dynamic part of it and use variables with date accordingly
kindly share that selector asa screenshot if possible

Cheers @Yash16S

Hi @Palaniyappan

Please see the below selectors

Selector for 01 of current month

Selector of 01 of next month(In a dull color)


Hey @Yash16S, open up the Property Explorer pane on the left to check out some additional attributes that you don’t see in the selector details pane on to the right.

You can look for attributes like disabled which would differentiate between an enabled or disabled link of yours. Add that as an attribute to the selector and the selector should now become unique!

Hope this helps

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