Unable to fetch website informations

I am new to UiPath.
I want to extract a number of data from the below URL
website link

I want to extract Titlle,Name,Address,Phone into Excel sheet

Thanks in Advance…

I wasn’t able to see the website
But if that is structured or in table format did DATA SCRAPPING method helped us in that
For more details

Or if it is not structured did SCREEN SCRAPPING method helped us on that

Cheers @Bala_Ashokan

@Bala_Ashokan You can use the Data Scraping Wizard @Palaniyappan mentioned above.

I wasn’t able to extract the Title, Name, Address or Phone just the whole entry.

With that being said you can Split each row into an array and build a new table to store the Title, Name, Address or Phone as desired.

Then print to Excel using an Excel Activity

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