How to get value using read cell

Hello guys, I want to get value using read cell.
For example

I want to get the text A - P one by one and then type it into somewhere.
This is my workflow.

What should I do? Thank you very much.

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try using a Read Column activity, or a Read Range activity to get the whole table.

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Read cell returns a generic value, while output data table is receiving a DataTable object. What error are you getting at Output Data Table activity?

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this is the error

Of what type is NamaFinal?

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Try changing it’s variable type to String.

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Buddy @claudiojody

  1. Use excel application scope to open the Excel
  2. Use read range activity to get the output from the Excel and get the output variable as out_dt
  3. Use a for each row loop with input out_dt
  4. Inside for each row loop use a read cell activity like this
    With input of sheetname and range like
    And get the output as out_value
    This would give you the first column cell value from each row one by one
  5. Then use type into activity with input out_value that would type into notepad as you expect
  6. Thats all buddy you are done…

Kindly let know whether that works or not
Cheers @claudiojody


It works, thank you so much buddy!!

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Cheers buddy keep going… @claudiojody

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