Read Row and Read Column


How can i read Row/Column using Excel activities and display read row/column values.

Can you please help me


You will need to open an excel application scope with the appropriate worksheet path, then inside of that scope use a read range activity with the appropriate sheet name and range (can be left blank to select entire first continuous range of data). The output of the read range activity is a DataTable, which you will need to create a variable for.

Once this is done, the data table can be looped through using a for each activity, which will give you each individual row, and a specific column can be accessed using the row(i) syntax for any column index i.

Hi ,

sorry for repeated question again.

I am just starting self learning Uipath. I have done Excel all activity expect Read Row and Read Column.
I am unable understand these two activity what are these two activities and what is the use of it.

my source range ins A1:C1- column names
A2:C6 - having some data

now i want read A2 row data.

  1. Excel Application scope
    adding proper excel sheet
  2. add Read Row activity
    Input : sheet name
    Select range - blank

output :
Data table : ReadRow

  1. write line

getting null value.

Can you please help me.