Read corresponding cell value in excel

Hi Everyone

I have an excel with different sheets ,
My requirement

  1. Need to read a sheet named “circulation” in that excel
    2.which has many columns
  2. It has cell in middle (not constant) named “cc list” , i need to read the value opposite to it

eg : at E6 i have “cc list” , i need to get value corresponding cell i.e., next cell F6


Use Get cell Value activity to read the cell value


Hi @kavya.s16

Use the Excel scope application Activity → Give the Excel path

Read range Activity → Sheet name → “circulation” , Store the value in the Data Table.

For each row DataTable Activity loop through the excel.

If Condition

Row(“column Name”).Tostring.Contains(“CC”)

Row(“Target Column”).tostring
Use Get cell Value activity

Hope it will help you


Hi @kavya.s16

You can achieve it with below steps

Read range the datatable

For each row in readdt

If current row of current row(“yourcolumnname”).roaring.equals(“your stringvalue”)

Then part print currentrow (“your target column”).ToString



After reading the sheet use for each row in data table and take one if condition

CurrentRow(“circulation”).ToString = (“cc list”) And CurrentRow(“circulation”).ToString=CurrentRow(“F_ColumnName”).ToString

use read cell activity to read the particular cell.


Hi @kavya.s16 ,

Is the value cc list under any specific column? as you mentioned it is not constant.


Hi @kavya.s16 ,

Use work book read range to read the whole excel content in data table.

As per your post value “cc list” can be anywhere in the excel so we can go for lookup range activity in uipath here assign your test string “cc list” it will give you the result of cell reference.

For suppose we have received cell reference value E6. We can use matches activity to divide the number from character and increment the character by using the following function Convert.ToChar(Convert.ToUInt16(InputCharacter) +1) so that you will get next value F6.

i hope the above might helpful for your requirement. thanks. (9.1 KB)