How to get column data from excel

i want to fill a form by taking these values. it is not working with for each row activity.
which activity should i use? .

Did you changed the Sheet name to “Sheet2” ?
Try printing the values using output data table…see if that works…

take read range activity and then take for each row activity and get column activity try it

yea i changed sheet name to sheet2 in read range activity.
here what am doing is first am reading the excel sheet and opening a particular website m filling these details. so which activity should i use ?

Does the format remains same of the excel file? If yes what you can do is that you could use read cell activity for reading cells. Like if you want to read name corresponding to first name you can use Read cell with cell value as “B1”. Extract each info like this
And then you can type into every result.
This is a Hard-Coded way, I would recommend you to use this if you cannot find any other solution…

Also if you can change the format of excel…i.e Keep the headers in the first row…

yeah,Ok i will try with the read cell activity.
thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

i think get column activity is not present in uipath studio.

get row item activity thank u

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