How to get value from .xls cell, row by row

HI everyone
someone can give me some suggestions about this problem ?
i want to get value from a cell, row by row, inside a spreadsheet

i followed this solution on this topic, but for me don’t work !

i used this workflow:

uipath tells me that the range doesn’t exist ! why !!??!!

Someone can help me please ?

in ReadCell use row(“Name”) as input
if u also want sirname use one more ReadCell activity below that
and input as row(“Surname”)

Thank you for your answering
I followed your suggestion, but i’ve got this error

Use for each loop then read cell and give the column number in the property cell

To get the 1st column, you can use row.item(0).tostring and for 2nd column row.item(1). tostring

Instead of index, you can also use column name such as row(“Name”). tostring

i tried both solution that you suggested to me. but i got the same error : “the range does not exist”

Hey @Filippo_Peron,

You need to refer to the coordinates of the cell, there is no “Name” property there.
Under the properties of “For each row” activity, you will find “Index” as int32 output variable, which is the current row number (zero indexed). Use intRowIndex as a variable to store the “Index” output and use it when reading the cell as follows “A” + (intRowIndex+2).ToString
You need to add + 2 since you need to take into account the zero based index and the header row in Excel. Hope my explanation is straight forward and solves you problem.

Thank you very much ! This is the solution that i was looking for !! Thaks again !

Anytime, happy to help!

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