How to get specific transaction from the queue

hi all,

i have a queue which has 10 transaction item in it .
from that queue i need to process only 5 transaction item due to business reasons. how can we configure it ?

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in the Get Transaction you can make a condition

so that it will not process other queues



I would suggest making a config value where you set the “MaxTransactionLimit” to 5.

Then at Get Transaction Data

Update the following Condition in the IF Activity:
(ShouldStop) Or (TransactionNumber > CInt(Config(“MaxTransactionLimit”)))

This will check to see if the transaction number is greater to the Max transaciton limit from the Config.

Note: the image has “>=” but updated this to just “>”




you can aslo place it the Get Trasaction state like below

Please let me know if you face any issues


@Steven_McKeering @Shiva_Nikhil

Thanks for the reply ,
but in this scenario the bot is running in the production,So we cant do any modification in the code. Is there is any other way to resolve this issue .?

thanks in advance

I can’t think of any perfect solutions but this may work for you,

Figure out how long the robot takes to do 5 items (ensure you include any time for Initialisation).

Then create a trigger and update the field “Stop after x minutes”

x minutes = initialisation in minutes + 5 transaction items in minutes.

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