Get a specific Transaction item from queue


I am getting queue items from orchestrator and searching for a particular queue item in the list. If it is found, I want process that item from the queue. I am not able to use get transaction item as it processes the first item in the queue with the status “new”.
Is there any possible way to get a specific transaction item?

I am able to get the items from queue using GetQueueItems activity… but i want to process a specific item.

Can u tell ur scenario?

Hi @t.chilmakuri

I hope u can find solution here
How to get specific item from the queues?

I have 5 files in the queue. I want only the third file to be processed by using get transaction item. But when i am trying to use get transaction item, it is retrieving the first file as the status is “new”.
Is there any way to process only the third file in the queue without going through the others?

Check here @t.chilmakuri

I’ll do that…
Thank you!

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