How to get specific item from the queues?

lets say i have uploaded 20 transaction into the queue and later i want to get only one specific transaction from 20 transaction and leave out the rest.

whats the best approach ?

Hi @mnkyboii

When you add items to a queue, as per my knowledge you cannot get only a particular item that matches to a certain condition directly. But you have two options to deal with it.

  1. Use Get Queue Items activity to get all queue items of the status “New” (you can specify the status you need in its properties) to a variable and loop through it. Within the loop, you can have some condition activities to check for your selection criteria and do something if it finds a suitable record.

  2. Use Get Transaction Item activity to get record by record from the queue. You can either use a loop or REFramework (if you are familiar with the framework) and do this. Then within the loop you can have this item so it will extract an item in every iteration. And again you have have either a if condition or a decision activity to check for your criteria…

Hope it helps…

If this works for you… please mark it as the solution since it will help others as well… :slight_smile:


But if we are using Get Queue Items this will then change all the status of the transaction in the queue to in progress thus making it unavailable to other BOTs

Am i right??


Nope… using Get Queue Items will not change the current status of the items. It is infact an activity used to get queue items of a particular status or to get items of all statuses.

Using Get Transaction item will only change the status from New to In Progress

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