Get transaction item

How to fetch specific ques from get transation item pls help.

You just have to specify your queue name as input. And you will get transaction items.

hi Divya by doing this we get all the ques. but my question is how to get specific queue for example i want to ge a que which is in posponed or in progress status

  • In Get transaction items, you can get only item of status β€œNew”.
  • You can use get queue items to get items with status filter. But it will give collection of items


thnks alot really helpful

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sure i need some help regarding a point

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ok great so my scenerio is i am getting a string out of a queue lets suppose i got a value i.e (plan150) from my queue now i want to use this value in (switch) how can i call this value in switch .this values keeps on changing every time when we get new queue in orchestrator, pls advise

on the basis of that value i am getting from queue my cases in the switch will work how can i call this value in switch?

Instead of using switch, you can use state machine for this. In each transitions you can check each case.

state machine is like a flow chart right? i have already created the framework .how can i use state machine now?

and i f i use state machine can that string variable be called in it if yes how ?

@goharmalik. Please follow the below steps.

  • Use StateMachine Activity. Inside state machine, you need to keep all the below States.
  • Init, you can leave it empty or initialize some values if required.
  • Have different states for each condition. You need to connect each state from Init state.
  • Click Transition Lines to specify your conditions.
  • In end use Final state activity, the flow should end here.

Your statemachine should be like this.


will check and let u know thnks

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