How To Get Local License File Recognized (without Orchestrator)

I have recently installed the Robot (Attended) only without Studio installed (the Program Files (x86)\UiPath\ folder is empty). I was able to activate my license using the regutil.exe activate commands and then when using the get-info command I see my license is activated and has an expiration date for next year. However, when trying to run my bot I get hit with the “A local license is required.” error.

How do I get my Robot installation to recognize that it has been activated? I’ve even run the regutil-exe get-activation-cert command to generate a local file but I’m stuck now. I just need to get past this one error and I’ll have everything set up. This is my first time doing an Attended Robot only install and licensing. Any assistance that can be provided would be very much appreciated as 10+ hours of Googling have not given me any solutions.

Thanks in advance.

Hi welcome to the community!
Are you using an old version? You should be following this: