Licensing and Activating

Hi Guys,

I have procured two licenses from UiPath - Studio and Back Office Robot. I have downloaded the Studio Installer to Install the UiPath Studio and have activated the same by using the Studio License.

However I am not sure how to use the license for the Back Office Robot. Is there a separate installer software to install a different uipath application where I will have to use the Robot’s License? If not, when, where and how do I make use of the “1 x Back Office Robot License Key”?

Please help.

Hi Kaustav,

If your Robot is not connected to Orchestrator, you have the steps here:

If you are connecting your Robot to Orchestrator, you have to generate the licence file(using the Robot key that you have) and upload it to Orchestrator - Settings - License tab. Here are the steps to generate the license file:

If you are behind a firewall(and cannot access the licensing server) you can contact our support team and they will generate the file for you:

Select Service Request - Licensing.

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