How to get/extract the selector from incognito mode of chrome?

Hello team,
I want extract the selector from incognito window for one login popup… but uipath is not identifying the the different component it is selecting the whole browser as one… How can I get the selectors from incognito window?


You can try by changing the Framework during indicating element. It can be done by pressing F4:

okays… let me try it… thanks for quick reply.

Hi Marta…
Even after changing the framework, it is not identifying the window properly…
Screen reference attached.

is there any other solution…?

Do you have UiPath Extension installed in Chrome?

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You have to enable incognito option in the uipath web extension for chrome then you will be able to get selectors for appropriate fields.

Yeah good question. First we have to check whether extension is there or not.

Hi @7387023380

If google chrome extension for UiPath is already installed, kindly make sure the highlighted options are turned on.

Thank you.

done this settings. but still popup is not getting recognized.