Chrome extension not working properly


i need to fetch selector of user name and password form webpage.check below image.

but indicate element indicating whole screen of chrome.
I have installed chrome extension from uipath.
it is showing on chrome as well. check below image.

kindly help me with same issue.
what will be the possible solution for this.i need to use chrome browser only as script is made with same browser.


Which Uipath studio version you are using?
Can you try reinstalling the chrome extension from uipath studio?

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Hi @Mathkar_kunal ,

Its not extension problem. The website might have developed like that.

For this type of scenarios follow the step to get the selector.

Open the selector in UiPath Explorer. From the top navigation click on Options. Then select Ui Frameworks → Active Accessibility.

Now again do the indicate element. You should be able to select the exact selector.


Hi @Mathkar_kunal

Please follow whatever mentioned by @manjula_rajendran.

If you are facing the issue even after doing above, kindly turn on the below highlighted options in extension and try again.

Hope this will be helpful. Thank you.

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