UiPath does not recognize Chrome extension/modal window




I am trying to scrape some information from a Google Chrome extension.
The problem is that I cannot build the according selectors because UIPath will only recognize the entire window and no elements within the extension, which opens in a modal window.

Do you have any tips how I can get the information?

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Have you installed the Chrome Extension from SETUP>Setup Extensions>Chrome ?




I was able to scrape the infos on UiPath extension(Community 2017.1.6435)


It doesn’t identifies the extension window instead its capturing entire chrome window.
Just hit F3 while scraping which enables region mode and then you can select only uipath extension window.
Change scraper option native/full text\OCR as per the requirement.

PS: native and full text not working for me. Only OCR.
Windows 10/CE 2017


Same problem for me too. The simple script works fine in Windows 7, but there’s something about Windows 10 CE that stops UiPath from recognizing the Chrome window and therefore stops the extension from ever running. The reason I think so is that when trying to set the element selector within Chrome with Click button or a similar tool, the region UiPath suggests extends across the Chrome window altogether, to a second screen even. I went through the troubleshooting page for Chrome Extension, but everything seems to be in order on that end.

So I initially thought it might be a snapping issue, but disabling the snapping feature from Win multitasking menu did nothing. I further disabled an MSI app True Color, which does the same thing, but to no avail.

Finally solved my problem by making sure the Chrome window ran on the main monitor. For some reason, also youtube full screen notifications etc are skewed lower and right when the chrome window is on a secondary screen.