Enabling UiPath Web Extension in Chrome Incognito Mode via Windows Group Policy

Hello UiPath Community,

I’m facing a persistent issue with the UiPath Web Extension on Google Chrome, specifically in Incognito mode. Our team relies on this extension to perform a variety of automation tasks in incognito mode, which is important for ensuring security and privacy during these operations.

However, we’ve noticed that every time Chrome is updated, the UiPath Web Extension is automatically turned off in Incognito mode. We then have to manually re-enable it, which is both time-consuming and not feasible for our larger scale deployment.

We’d like to enforce the UiPath Web Extension to remain enabled in Incognito mode through Windows Group Policy so that it’s less disruptive to our workflow.

Could anyone provide guidance on how to accomplish this? We’re looking for step-by-step instructions or even a general direction on how to approach this problem.

I’m eagerly looking forward to your valuable suggestions.

Best regards, Alex

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Would this help

Apart from that you can try using through ui automation as well to navigate to extension and check if its enabled and enable it