Cant read a shared mailbox from bot account

I have a bot account which has its own email. It also has access to a shared mailbox which we can view.

Earlier we used outlook activities to read inbox of this account and were able to read direct inbox and also shared mail box at the same time passing Username and FolderName.

Now we switched to MicrosoftOffice.O365activities.
Even if we have email in shared mailbox inbox it returns null and only returns email messages when there is any mail in the bot inbox. Please let me know how I can read shared mailbox. My requirement is to read Inbox of both bot mail and shared mailbox.

Use office 365 → Outlook → Get Mail

I am using getmail.
queries are 1. what parameters to be passed to read a shared mailbox?
2. can I read mails in both my inbox and shared mailbox in the same get mail call?


  1. Account Type
  2. Mail Folder

for your second question : No