How to read emails from shared inbox

I have a shared email box that does not have a Microsoft account. Just an email address so I can’t use any activity that has Exchange. I can not figure out how to use the “Use Desktop Outlook App” activity with “For Each Email” and have it find the emails in the inbox of the shared email account.

Hi @will.tyler,

I have added link and video that will be useful for you. First, follow the steps here, if you encounter an error, please share it here.


This doesn’t address my problem. I can read emails from the user account. I need to read emails from a SHARED email account. So I can read emails from but I have a shared email box called and that’s what I need to read and can’t access.


I found a post which looks to solve a similar problem :slight_smile:

You may have more luck with the “Get Outlook Mail Messages” Activity under:

App Integration>Mail>Exchange

Let me know if it helps!

Key Takeaway I found:

Someone else in my org found a solution. In Outlook I had to go to File\Add account and then add the account I was already in. (Ie. Main account is Will Tyler. Shared inbox is Shared Emails. I had to go to File\Add account then add in WIll Tyler. I know.) Then I was able to change the dropdown list of email accounts and could read the main inbox or subfolders using “Inbox\subfolder name”.

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Guess you can’t argue with that. If it works, it works :upside_down_face:

haha thing is, it doesn’t work when the workflow is published. If I run it from Studio on the machine, works fine. I publish it from that machine, run it on that machine through Orchestrator and it can’t find the folder. :crazy_face: