How to fix the issue in click activity

Hi, I have click activity ,Im using that in SAP ,sometimes it is working sometimes it is not working, In properties provided simulate click also, selectors I checked it is validated. Can anyone please help me to fix this issue.

Can you paste the selector of the click activity here ?

Im sorry I cant share that it is confidential.

Hello @Chippy_Kolot , Try this.

  • Retry the click Activity if an error occurred in a click.
  • If an error does not occur, Use Element exists for a specific Element visible after the Click. If it does not exist try to click the button once again until the element exists.


  1. Try using verify results option on the click activity which will retry the activity if the click does mot happen
  2. Try checking the selector is validated when click is failing…when it is failed is it throwing error? Or is it moving without any issue
  3. If no error then try using hardware events instead
  4. Also are you using sap related activities ?


Hello @Chippy_Kolot

  1. Make sure that the selectors are not changing between runs.
  2. You can try adding a delay before the click activity using the “Delay Before” property in your
    activity settings to give the page more time to load.
  3. Ensure that the SAP application is in focus when the automation runs. If another window is in
    focus, the click activity may not work as expected.