Click activity Selector not validating in SAP

Please note that selector is validating in studio, when debug the BOT not validating.

Getting error messages in output : Click ‘TextField Item’: Cannot get the screen rectangle of this UI node. A possible reason might be that the element is not visible.

could you please help urgently to resolve this issue Team,

Kannan G

@Kannan_Gajapathy Can you try with SimulateClick as True.

Hi @Kannan_Gajapathy

  • Use activities like “Wait Element Vanish” or “Wait Element Appears” to ensure that the “TextField Item” is actually visible and ready for interaction before attempting to click it.

  • You can add a “Delay” activity before the “Click” activity to allow time for the element to appear.

  • Use the Simulate Click option in Click activity

This might be because the element might be in background or not visible in foreground
So try enabling these properties to click on it

Visibility check - set as Fully Visible

Wait for page load or wait for ready - Complete

Activate - set as True

Input mode - set as Simulate

Hope this helps
Cheers @Kannan_Gajapathy


Please check scripting is enabled or not in SAP.

Studio - Configuration Steps (

Set focus to element on which you are trying to click.
If there is scrollbar or grid then try to scroll on that element and try.

I already tried all the mentioned points not working
Same issue again

I could see title is kept as *
It should have done value so that bot will look for that element in the page under that title even if multiple sap pages are opened

Try to re indicate the element and make sure u have title attribute with value


Bro tried the same its not working, do we have any otherway

this is a Deskop application Vinitha, Simulate is not work here.

Use tooltip or aaname instead of ID and also check scripting is enabled or not.

The id is probably changing. You should use other attributes of the selector. Also, opening in UI Explorer and looking at what is above and below it in the tree is helpful, maybe one of those elements is better to click.

Also, there are activities specific to SAP so you don’t have to click around. What are you trying to do?