Click activity one or more errors occured

hi guys,
while in the click activity i am facing the issue of one or more errors occured
can anyone help me to solve this error

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Kindly reselect the element in the click activity and try once again
Make sure that SIMULATE click property is enabled
We can try with CLICK IMAGE activity That would work either

Cheers @Manisha541


Could you please check the selector once again and also make it reliable.

i had enabled simulate click but it is giving same error

i want to know why this one or more error occurred error arises in the click activity

Can you attach the screenshot of click activity selector.

Do a repair or indicate element again!!!


Do the following:

  1. Remove the tag from selectors
  2. Click on Highlight :slight_smile:
  3. Validate again
  4. Refresh the page and
  5. validate again and also highlight!!!

Hope this helps you @Manisha541

it is not getting validate if i remove the tag @Shubham_Varshney

but my click activity identifies next in every page i had checked with highlight @Shubham_Varshney

Open UiExplorer and see if you can get any more more selectors to allow this to work :slight_smile:

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