How to extract PDF data using re-framework

I need to create a workflow where I need to Process PDF Invoices and extract their data according to a Data Mapping Excel sheet. The data mapping sheet has various categories and according to the specific category data needs to be extracted from PDF file.
I am confused how to design the workflow using ReFramework, as I am not able to understand that what will be the Transaction Item for my Process.
Please help, thanks.

Hi @chauhan.rachita30

Since u are processing each invoices and taking data and filling into excel

So ur each Transaction item should the invoice file ie invoice file path

For more details to work in reframework involving files

Please refer the link


Nived N

Thanks for sharing the video.

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how to do email automation in re framework please reply

Hi @pallavireddy077
Can u explain your process?

firstly thank you for your reply
so actually i need to do pdf automation. in that i need to read each file and extract some data from them like invoice no,date,name,bill amount like that, and finally i want put all this data into a excel file. how can i do this in reframework

Hi @pallavireddy077

Check the sample process (1015.1 KB)

Nived N

Hey…Thank you for shareing process here i have one question .
first you assign file list or file folder list in the assign activity
,because you didnt mention that in config file?

Well u can add the file path of in config file and then called in assign activitiy

Here the file I created is a demo only so to understand how the process works


Nived N :robot:

Thank you so much its really helpful for me

Hey, I have one Question here we create file_list variable and assigned it to transactionitem so that we can use that transactionitem for each file right ?


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Yes @pallavireddy077

Hey…I am not getting extracted values in the excel file and also its not moving succsesfull folder too please (2.4 MB)

hello, I am not getting values in excel in pdf automation
re framework

Are able to extract the data from PDF ?

Thank you for your quick response.
now Problem is solved. I am getting the values

Do you how can we put delay in workflow using config file,
i want to put some delay because while extracting the pdf value it is taking some only not all values .

hi! Can you give me the finished file?

which finished files are you talking about?

Hi ,
Please guide how to convert this process in reframe work .if in initialization state if we read invoice data in data table format then in process state output in data row(one by one process) but LINQ query join in single attempt. Now loop execute till data row does not finish till the end .

Please guide how to we complete this process in Reframe work with LINQ query.

We have 20 master data without LINQ query it will take time.