ReFramework: Downloading PDF from gmail, data extraction from PDF to Excel

Hello everyone,

This is my first time working with de ReFramework and i don’t know everything about it and how to use it with my project. The steps of the project are very easy:

  1. Going to an specific map in gmail (using credentials) and going trough each email to download the secured PDF and extract an specific password in the email.

  2. Reading the PDF (that is stored in an map and going one by one) and extracting the specific data (by using Regex/split).

  3. The specific data must be stored in Excel.

I’m kind of struggling where to place the steps in the Initialization, get transaction data, proces, etc. What will be the TransactionItem variable type for example, is it usefull to use the Qeueu, etc.

Every help is welcome :slight_smile:

hi @s.altindag

in the init your login to gmail and credententials, get transaction data must be used to get the list of your emails to be processed (array of mail.message), so you transaction item should be mail.message, in the process section get the password from the mail, then read the pdf and get your data, then pass it to an excel and continue with the next transaction which will have a new mail, new password and new pdf to be processed. hope your understand my idea.

best regards!

@s.altindag Please go through the below link to understand framework

once you understand you will easily on how to handle the process

Hi @s.altindag

Please have a look , this would give the step by step explanation on RE-framework.

UiPath - A Complete Guide To Re-Framework - Hashstudioz Technologies