Adapt pdf automation sequence to REFramework

Pls I’ve been trying out REframework but I can’t get it right. Goal is to extract some information from pdf receipts. It’s a simple sequence:

get and save pdf attachments from an email → build/insert a table with respective regex patterns for info to be extracted → loop through all pdf’s and extract the key values → write to an excel sheet.

I’ve done this in normal sequence, but want to adapt it to REframework. Pls help. Would appreciate any insights. thanks

This is what the sequence looks like.

Main.xaml (18.3 KB)

In the Init:

you can read config and the emails and save attachments to a folder

In Get transaction:

You can one once by fetch the pdf and pass it to Process transaction

you’ll have to change the transaction item variable to string and pass the path to the first file

In Process Transaction:

You can perform the extraction and have all the rules defined. Store the data in a datatable or you can paste it in an excel directly

Move the file to a different folder as per the processing status, Success or Failed

In End Transaction:

You can have the excel output created if you are not pasting value in the Excel in Process transaction

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